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MD's Foxy Friday: Erin Adlina Adnan, The Natural-Born Go-Getter

AMBITIOUS, energetic, highly driven and very easy on the eyes. These qualities possessed by Erin Adlina Adnan easily qualify her to be the first woman to be featured in this new column. It’s also a plus that the financial consultant is just 23 years old.
Erin has so much energy that, even to unwind, she chases for adrenaline by indulging on extreme outdoor activities, that is, if she can get some time off from her very busy schedule. It didn’t take long for Erin to make herself comfortable during the interview. In fact, despite being the interviewee, she was the one hitting this writer with questions.

She said even her kindergarten teachers noticed that she is hyperactive and there are video recordings to prove this.
"I always wanted to be a leader," said Erin who is also a part-time presenter and MC for TV shows and events.

"My kindergarten teachers noticed that I was very hyper so they encouraged me to channel my energy to something useful, creative and positive instead of 'nonsense'," she added.

Other than her extreme activities, she also does street dancing and salsa.

Career-wise, there is actually more to this Wangsa Maju lass than selling investment products and her gigs for TV and events. Not content with these jobs, she has taken her pledge to get people of her generation to invest and save to another level by heading an agency where she leads a team of young financial advisers.

"My objective of starting an agency at a young age is to cater to people of my generation. I've been in the industry for seven years and I noticed that usually awareness (on savings and investment) only starts at the age of 25 and above so my responsibility is to shift this awareness to people of my generation. This way we can instill the habit of saving and investing at a very young age."

She added the agency acts like a support group by providing motivation.

When it comes to motivating herself, she said she would look at her 'goal chart' and create excitement for herself whenever she feels down.

"I tend to absorb things very fast. When I attend training, like the ones by Anthony Robbins, I would apply whatever he had taught within the next nine days and make it a habit."

When asked on who she looks up to in life and career she said she respects content developer Marini Ramlan, or better known as Nini Marini, who was the woman behind TV shows Showdown and Juara Lagu and AIM.

"I admire Nini Marini because she's very driven. She creates and delivers new ideas and she has her own her way of influencing younger people."Erin admits that it’s not so easy for a woman to succeed in a man's world but when there's a will, they will be recognized with time.

"For women to succeed in Malaysia, it's harder at first but eventually it will get easier as people will eventually notice you if you keep at it."

Although she's really tied up with work, Erin still plans to continue with her studies by pursuing a Master's in Business Management in the next few years.

In terms of her fashion sense, she describes her taste for clothes as "young and successful".

"I can wear dresses but it has to be elegant but never 'skanky'."

Meanwhile, at home during weekends she prefers maxi dresses.

"I'm very girly. The best way to describe my style is Marion Caunter and (shoe boutique owner) Yiu Lin."

When it comes to the type of men she likes she said she is into career-minded guys who is understanding and have a good sense of humor.

"Focused, driven, professional, understanding and patient especially towards my hectic work schedule. And he has to be funny…"

Confident as she seems, there was a question she shied away from which was the question of marriage.

"I'm in a good relationship. It's good…" she said.

She also has her share of embarrassing moments, one being the time she was emceeing for a Hari Raya open house event hosted by a women's magazine a few years ago.

"I was paired with a male Malay-speaking MC. I started out like more like a motivational speaker and it was too abrupt for the audience who were mainly women. They were a little taken aback. But they became more receptive after the other MC started to talk. Thank god. But the event ended up well after that."

"My agency will be known as the agency to drive our generation towards a better future by changing our mentality and embracing investments and savings."
She also reckons she’ll be married by then "but maybe not with children yet."


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